About Me

Samantha (Sami) Daley is an assistant professor of education at the Warner School of Education & Human Development at the University of Rochester. Trained in human development and psychology and in working with students identified with learning disabilities, her work focuses on the driving question of how to design inclusive learning environments in which students thrive both academically and emotionally. Projects address multiple perspectives: 1) motivational and emotional experiences of students with learning disabilities; 2) inclusive instructional design; and, 3) motivation and emotion in learning more broadly. Research settings include middle and high school science, math, and reading classes, informal learning environments, and postsecondary contexts.

In a unique position within the Warner School, Dr. Daley holds appointments across all three of the school’s program areas: Teaching & Curriculum, Human Development, and Educational Policy. This reflects both her and the Warner School’s focus on attending to issues of inclusion and disability from a range of perspectives and in all aspects of human learning and flourishing. Dr. Daley also coordinates the Warner School’s quantitative consulting service through which advanced doctoral students support peers in quantitative methods and analysis.

Dr. Daley’s interests arise out of her varied professional experiences. She draws from her work as a learning disabilities specialist, disability services coordinator at the college level, clinical fellow in the Learning Disabilities Program at Children’s Hospital Boston, and director of research at CAST, a non-profit dedicated to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a means to make learning environments effective for all.

Dr. Daley is a proud mom of two and enjoys being active outside (Adirondack 46er #3918).

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